In today's complex and uncertain markets, companies require accurate and timely financial information, further once this information is available they need to understand what it is saying and determine the appropriate  action to take.    By companies having this information it will enable them to be pro-active not re-active and will ensure continued growth and success.  

Lisa Rowe has worked as an accountant in public practice for ten years with 7 years as a Chartered Accountant.  

She has worked with a number of businesses in a wide range of industries, ranging from small to large sized enterprises with employees from 10 to 100 and turnovers between $1 million to $100 million.  She worked closely with clients dealing with all aspects of finance - cash flow, profit  improvement, minimising taxation, bookkeeping, raising finance, purchasing/selling businesses and debt re-structuring.  

Whilst working closely with business owners what affected their ability in being able to strategise and grow profitably was they did not have access to accurate and timely financial information.  Further they did not necessarily understand what the financial information was telling them.  

Without this accurate and timely information, you cannot make sound business decisions. It’s like driving a car without any dashboard information - you have no idea how you are performing, and where to focus to improve and manage your business.  You cannot expect your business to improve if you don't invest in understanding the numbers and knowing what drivers are steering your business.  

At FSC our aim is to work closely with business owners and their internal finance team to produce accurate, timely financial data so sound business decisions can be made to ensure the health of your business.  As a business owner do you know what your Return on Capital Employed ("ROCE") % is?  ROCE % is an interest rate - this is the interest rate the business pays to you as an owner for the capital (being your time and money) you have employed/put into the business.  For example if your ROCE % is less than 5% wouldn't your investment be better in the bank where there is very little risk and think of the time you would have free.  As a business owner you work extremely hard and would expect the ROCE % to reflect that - my question to you does yours?  



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